There are few things in life that a family spends more money on than vacations. Spring break, summer trips, and winter holidays are an important part of many yearly schedules but a relaxing getaway can easily become a burden. The real cost of vacation planning is not only measured in dollars and cents but also time spent trying to find the best deals. In 2010, the owners of Vacation Strategy, Rick and Humaira Bourne, who were also Club Wyndham Platinum owners, realized that there was a better way for people to travel.

The concept of holiday sharing has been around since the end of World War II when it was more economical for a family or a group of friends to buy a holiday cottage and each take a specific time of year to use it. The term timeshare was first used in the early 1960s and the first timeshare in the United States was started in 1974. Since then, time sharing has become a popular way to vacation but with a high initial buy-in and ongoing yearly maintenance fees and taxes, it can be out of the budget of many families.

Vacation Strategy is a family business founded on the idea that it is better to rent from a timeshare owner than to actually be a timeshare owner. Working with other such owners the company is able to use vacation points to reserve beautiful condo style accommodations at a savings of up to 40% to 75% off the rate the resorts offer non-members. In addition to the often astounding savings, Vacation Strategy guests are able to take advantage of many of the amenities reserved for owners and their guests; a perk guests who pay a cash rate to the resort generally do not receive.

When a guest books with Vacation Strategy they can be assured that not only will they receive the best rate possible (a claim that is backed up by a price match guarantee*) but also the support and knowledge of people who own with Club Wyndham and have been making timeshare reservations for years. Unlike renting a privately owned home, where quality and condition is not guaranteed, Wyndham is a world renowned brand with a reputation for clean, comfortable accommodations.

While there are many options when it comes to planning a special vacation there are few that can offer the value and peace of mind that a stay with Vacation Strategy can. With resorts throughout the US and one of the best cancellation policies in the industry, booking is both easy and worry free. The only question left to ask is when you would like to get away?