It’s August. Another summer comes to an end as parents and students prepare for the new school year. Supplies are bought, lunch is packed, and the all important first-day outfit is laid out but, have you booked your Spring Break destination yet? If the answer is no, don’t despair. Now is the perfect time to start planning and we are going to break down the reasons why. Don’t worry, though, we promise there won’t be a pop quiz.

Better Selection

It is a no brainer that the earlier you begin to plan the more options you will have. This is especially true when planning a trip during a popular time of year to a popular location. Florida is a leader in tourism year round but according to the Orlando Sentinel the state hosted 54.1 million tourists between January and June 2015. That is a lot of people flocking to Florida’s various natural treasures and attractions and smack dab in the middle of that time frame is Spring Break. If the Walt Disney World Resort, Daytona Beach, or Panama City is your family’s ideal destination for some fun in the sun then now is the time to make your plans before all the best accommodations are booked by the other 54 million people.

Better Prices

When searching for a deal there are two times that have a higher probability of netting you decent saving, well in advance or last minute. Many resorts and hotels update their pricing at the end or beginning of the calendar year and in most cases the prices go up instead of down. Booking before the year rolls over is a good way to lock in the current price. Depending on what dates are projected to be the highest travel times you could see a significant difference in prices from year to year.

Less Stress

For many people, the most stressful time of year is the winter holidays. Perhaps even more stressful is when you receive your credit card statement in January but still have a spring break trip to plan and being met with no availability or high prices for your second or third choice location isn’t exactly soothing. Pay as you go or layaway options have become a popular offering with many travel planning companies; no need to pay in full 6 months in advance, with a little down at the time of booking and easy payments you can secure your vacation without breaking your budget. Or your spring.

Take some time between soccer practice and PTA meetings to do a little homework of your own and you could easily plan an A+ Spring Break in no time! Need some ideas on where to go and what to do? No sweat! Join us next time as we explore popular, and perhaps not so populous, locations for your Spring Break adventure!